PKG LBP3 Laptop Slim Brief

The PKG LBP3 takes its inspiration from the need for the daily grind, combining functionality, style and protection into a slim silhouette. 

It's a water resistant, low volume brief with zippered expandable pockets to allow it to act as a medium volume brief for days when traveling light, being flexible and looking refined are the top priorities.


  • Lightweight waterproof and breathable exterior fabric
  • Custom contrast lining that’s lightweight, durable and easy to clean
  • Internal divider to separate laptop and file compartments
  • Full “hood closure” so water won’t slip in when you’re out in the rain
  • Nylon handles with custom PU trim for comfort
  • Nylon shoulder strap included
  • 2 zippered expandable front pockets that are perfect for cables, wallets, sunglasses and other portable fare.  Snap shut for a slim silhouette when not in use.
  • Custom ID label for personalization
  • Custom PKG microfiber screen cleaning cloth included
  • Rear trolley luggage attachment