Submit a Grant Request


Are you with a woman-owned business? Are you a woman and thinking about launching or expanding a business? Or do you have a neat project that you need funding for?

Send in your application to the email below. We're accepting proposals for grants up to 10k in the following categories:

- To start a business

- To expand a business

- Small businesses conducting research and development

- Grants for other projects

- Grants to help tell your story through video or advertising campaigns

- Grants used for working capital, inventory, equipment, supplies, marketing, kickstarter campaigns and more



- Grants are for women-owned businesses or teams

- We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and we welcome trans women and gender minorities

- We strongly encourage women of color to apply

- Must be 18 years or older

- Must submit a 1-page Executive Summary of your plan including a) what business life cycle you're in: seed, startup, expansion or other and, b) what grant  is for: prototype, R&D, storyline, working capital, startup/seed funds

- Must submit a presentation with details about the team, project/business, problem/solution, go-to-market (new) or marketing strategy (expansion), and use of funds


Submit plan to: