Women receive only 2% of all investor funds

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Our Collective Impact

We volunteer, we march, we help, lets add a commitment to collectively address  an unintended and often an invisible barrier to equal opportunity: inadequate access to or lack of economic resources. The gap in women's financing is holding us all back. Because, how do we have the highest impact on women's empowerment? By closing the wealth and opportunity gap. With your help, collectively we can work together to:
  • Create more options available to you, your sister, your daughter, and your friends the day you start a business.

  • Support other women entrepreneurs because that means more women creating their own story and opportunities.

  • Have broader access for more women in board rooms, in the executive suites and in decision-making. Why should funding be what's holding us back?


Women make up half of the population, yet only 4% of all investor deals go to women-owned companies and, worse yet, only receive 2% of all investor funds. So not only is the size of the gap staggering but also investors are writing smaller checks for female founders. 

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication, inclusive economic growth and shaping economic and social policies.

Women’s economic empowerment is a huge problem being tackled from many angles by some great institutions, but how do you and I and everyone we know contribute?

We modeled our solution, in a way that bears a low individual burden yet yields the highest collective impact, after the effective collective grant giving model. In other words, for the price of two latte’s or one drink you have a viable stake in the outcome.




You don’t have to be an investor to be a part of the solution. You can support women-owned businesses (WOB) and help close the gap in two ways:
1. Contribute to the collective funding pool via a monthly Subscription with Purpose.
2. Directly support WOB's by buying their products.


We’re on the same page. Now what?
Subscribe to our Mind the Gap Purpose Box. All net subscriptions are pooled in to a fund and distributed directly to individual woman-owned businesses or projects that you vote on at the end of the year. Each month we’ll send you a link to buy a product from our featured woman-owned business. If you choose to buy it, your subscription amount gets credited back to you. You are still awarded 1 vote for this choice.

Additionally, we invite you to Share and Vote:


 Help promote women-owned businesses to your friends and family, spread brand-awareness on social media, leave product reviews, share their stories.                                                                                               


You’re a part of our crew. Each month that you’re subscribed gives you 1 vote. At year end, we collectively vote to choose which business and projects we’ll support with the pooled funds. Give your voice to the process, feel proud!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

“We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” – Malala Yousafzai

“When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else” – Melinda Gates