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What is a benefit-corp?

B-corps are a new type of legal structure for those that want to do business through mission-driven or cause-driven for-profits that align intention and philosophy around a public good. This includes positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals. B-corps protect mission through capital raises and leadership changes and provide more flexibility than non-profits.

Why did you guys choose a benefit-corp over a non-profit?

Our favorite question. Simply, because we believe businesses should be a force for good. B-corps blend the best of both worlds with the operating efficiency and flexibility of a corporation and the mission-driven focus of non-profits without having to rely on donations. As a team of empowered women, we will earn our revenue and operate our curated store as a business and operate our Subscription with a Purpose plans for women's grants using the best practices of the most respected and well-managed non-profits. This model gets us to 7 million in 7 years in grants for women that want to launch or expand their businesses.

Has Bly & Bell always been a b-corp?

Yes. When we incorporated in 2016, we included women's causes as our mission in our incorporation docs. Actually, our third article reads as follows: "The general public benefit purpose of the corporation shall include creating a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole, from the business and operations of the corporation. The specific public benefit purpose of the corporation is to inspire women to fulfill their potential, to empower women, and to promote gender equality."

Can anyone subscribe or is it for women only?

Yeah! The plans are for everyone. The more the merrier. Actually we encourage everyone of all genders to subscribe.

What's the difference between the two plans?

The Bell gives you all the member benefits except for the credit that you can use or accrue in the Bly plan.

Do the Bly credits expire?

They do. They expire on 12/1. We'll remind you prior to that date to use them, otherwise they get reverted back in to the general grant fund.

What can I use the Bly credits on?

You can use them throughout the year on anything on our shop, even items on sale.

Who can apply for grants?

Any woman 18 or older that wants to launch or expand their business. Note that we use an inclusive definition of “woman” and we welcome trans women and gender minorities to apply. Check out this page for more info.

What is the general grant fund?

We pool all your net subscriptions, and at year end, in competition style, we choose business plans to present to all members for voting.

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