Core Values

What we care so deeply about: 


1. Inspire women to live their best lives, to empower women, and to promote gender equality

2. With an eye on our cause, we believe everyone should be treated equally

3. Invest in all women regardless of race, religion, gender and sexuality keeping in mind the even greater disparities within the intersections of race and wealth

4. Lift people up to their potential and higher self

5. Satisfy our customers

6. Treat everyone within our community (customers, subscribers, employees, business partners) with respect, transparency and honesty

7. One for all and all for one.

8. Care for the environment

9. Rely on our framework for good to achieves our goals in four ways: a subscription model to pool funds for women-owned business grants, a shop to promote goods by women-owned companies, a journal to share stories and elevate conversations about the funding gap, and finally, a network to help each other thrive


7 million in 7 years: 

Our mission is to inspire women to live their best lives, to empower women, and to promote gender equality. Our goal is to contribute 7 million in 7 years (2025) for grants to women's businesses and causes. Our ultimate goal is to work towards a society where women have adequate access to capital and wealth-creating opportunities. Because when we elevate 50% of the population to realize their full potential, we elevate society.


We're on a mission to support women! Join us?



 "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'">
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.